Initial Card Necklace Initial Card Necklace
Lilla Cavallo Initial Card Necklace $50.00
This signature initial card necklace is a favorite around here. Available in multiple letters. Don't see your letter? Email 14k gold plated chain / gold filled pendant  length is 16” inches with additional 2” inch  extend
Evil Eye Necklace Evil Eye Necklace
Lilla Cavallo Evil Eye Necklace $27.00
Adjustable evil eye necklace. Can be worn as a choker. Gold plated. One size. 1 item.
Bellissma Handmade Crystal Necklace Bellissma Handmade Crystal Necklace
Lilla Cavallo Bellissma Handmade Crystal Necklace $30.00
Rosary beaded stone necklace. Crystal pendant. Handmade.
Stirrup Necklace
Lilla Cavallo Stirrup Necklace $32.00
WOW this beautiful affordable necklace looks extremely expensive and designer. Adorned with sparkling cubic zirconia stones, this necklace sparkles around your neck.
Truth Card Necklace Truth Card Necklace
Lilla Cavallo Truth Card Necklace $49.00
Truth: a fact or belief that is accepted as true. Hold on to your truth ! 14k gold plated over sterling silver cross pendant.  18” length  14k gold Plated 
Rainbow Pendant Mid Length Necklace Rainbow Pendant Mid Length Necklace
Lilla Cavallo Rainbow Pendant Mid Length Necklace $38.00
Our new midlength is anything but ordinary. This necklace will fit in perfectly with any short necklace or choker, and will capture everyone's attention. Subtle yet still beautiful, this piece is a cute little addition to any jewelry collection.
-21% sale
Hamsa Mid Length Necklace Hamsa Mid Length Necklace
Lilla Cavallo Hamsa Mid Length Necklace $38.00 $48.00
It doesn't get much cuter than this midlength charm necklace! This golden beauty is perfectly on trend and is a must-have. Our cubic zirconia-studded hamsa hand symbolizes good fortune and protection. You will be well taken care of with this one hanging on your neck!
Cabo Glam Necklace Cabo Glam Necklace
BRACHA Cabo Glam Necklace $90.00
A little sparkle goes a long way. We love this extra sparkly chain necklace. Gold plated over sterling silver. 4mm thickness. 15" in length. Matching bracelet available.
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